Lakhdar Moussi

Lakhdar Moussi is a Canadian , Algerian born, who spent over 30 years in the GCC. A graduate of French business schools and a qualified Professional Financial Planner in Canada, he has built a 45 years career in executive management positions in various sectors, including Audit and banking in France, Manufacturing, Contracting and Insurance in the Middle East.

Through his assignments in executive positions in ARIG for around 15 years and with KIPCO Kuwait for 7 years as well as his consulting assignments, he spent over 25 years observing and analyzing the regional insurance industry for the purpose of articulating development strategy, recommending business development policies and promoting new initiatives and projects.

Lakhdar conceived, developed and launched for KIPCO, TAKAUD Savings & Pensions Company in Bahrain in 2011. He held various directorships in investment companies, real estate companies and insurance companies in Kuwait and Oman. He conducted and led the feasibility study for a major retakaful project on behalf of PINEBRIDGE Investment company.

In 2013, he set up his own independent management consultancy firm in Bahrain. He is currently involved in various projects with a government agency, a bank and an investment company in Bahrain, UAE and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Lakhdar strongly believes that the financial industry in general, and the insurance industry in particular, offer tremendous growth opportunities in the GCC, The MENA region and the Islamic Countries members of the OIC organization. He advocates the development of national and regional entities sufficiently capitalized, appropriately conceived, technology based and customers focused that will be capable of unleashing the substantial demand of the retail markets in the OIC Countries, in particular in personal insurance and SME financing.