Ahmed Ali Al Mamari

Ahmed Al Mamari has 15 years of experience working in the Oman Capital and Insurance market.

He is currently working as the General Manager, Directorate of Insurance Supervision at the Capital Market Authority of Sultanate of Oman, the governmental organization which regulates the Securities market, insurance sector and investment companies.

Ahmed Ali Al Mamari has been a Member of Technical Committee of International Islamic Financial Service Board (IFSB) in Malaysia, Project Manager for World Bank programme to develop Fixed Income Instruments in the Africa and Middle East region 2003-2006. He was also a Member of the official committee for introducing Islamic products to the capital market of Oman. Before that he was the Coordinator of the joint World Bank-CMA Financial Market Development Programme for Oman.

Ahmed Ali Al Mamari holds a Master’s degree in Finance & Business Economics from University of Manchester, Manchester Business School, UK.