Mohamed Raafi Hosain

Mohammad Raafi Hossain is a serial entrepreneur from Silicon Valley and is currently the CEO of Finocracy, a fintech-focused firm.

Mohammad has led the strategy and development of several platforms, most notably, for which Mohammad won the 2015 Ethical Finance Innovation Challenge Award from Thomson Reuters and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank. Narwi has gone on to raise $8 million from 175,000 people around the world and has supported the creation of 5,000 new business and 15,000 jobs in 6 countries within MENA.

Mohammad has also founded Growmada, the first revenue-sharing, e-commerce crowdfunding platform and Human Crescent, the first Zakah crowdfunding platform for humanitarian aid delivery. He is also an advisor to Malaysia-based, Mohammad, on behalf of Finocracy, won the 2016 Social Innovation Award from the Cambridge Global Good Governance Committee in Istanbul, Turkey.

He has a background in Economics and Sustainability from University of California, Berkeley and Harvard University.